Drink Water. See & Feel the Benefits

Benefits of Water

Water.  We all know we are supposed to drink it, but why?  How much?  I am going to share some great water facts with you that will help to make drinking water an easy decision.

Did you know this about water?

  • The more hydrated your skin is (from drinking water) the less lines and wrinkles you will have and it can also help to clear up acne
  • Sometimes when you feel hungry, your body may actually be dehydrated?  By drinking a glass of water before a meal can actually help you to eat less
  • Water helps to flush toxins from your system, which can relieve fatigue
  • If you exercise, you need to drink water to re-fuel your muscles and give you more energy
  • Have a lot of headaches?  They could be from dehydration and water can help to prevent those

So does this make you thirsty or what?  I try to always have water with me and drink as much as I can each day.  I also love to add lemon to my water, which has special benefits click here to read those.

How much should you drink each day?  The International Sports Medicine Institute, has a formula for daily water intake: 1/2 ounce per pound of body weight if you’re not active (that’s ten eight-ounce glasses if you weigh 160 pounds), and 2/3 ounce per pound if you’re athletic (13 to 14 glasses a day, at the same weight).  If that is too much math for you, answer this 9 question quiz to get the exact ounces you specifically need.

Well I hope that this inspires you to drink just one more glass of water each day, your body will thank you for it!

Enjoy! ~ Jamie