Eat Healthy on Vacation: Rent a Home and Skip Eating Out

Hello everyone!  I am a guest blogger for Jamie.   One of the challenges in keeping a health focus on vacation is that we are off our regular eating routines.  Consistent recommendations you’ll find for a healthy vacation entail finding local fruit markets, and grocery stores and stocking up on healthy snacks.

If you are an individual whose regular lifestyle entails eating out regularly, these tips may not work for you.  However, if you are planning meals for more than one, or in my case, kids who are picky eaters that eat like they are speed dating; three meals a day eating out gets old real quick and very expensive.    And frankly, nothing tastes as good as a home cooked meal where you can control the contents and portion; why not rent a home while on vacation?

My family has had found many great homes in the locations we have vacationed over the years.  My favorite for domestic travel is several sites maintained by Home Away:


A new one I’ve recently come across is a site by TripAdvisor.  

I would not take any vacation without TripAdvisor feedback in hand so this site it is definitely growing on me.

Picture this, you wake up and linger over a cup of coffee brewed in a well stocked kitchen.  The kids have already gotten up, eaten a bowl of cereal and are out by the pool and you are still in your pjs and bunny slippers relaxing and planning your day or……you are dressed for the day, herding the kids in the car, running a comb through your hair so you don’t scare the wait staff at the restaurant to get ready to dump $25-$30 for a mid-range breakfast that nobody finishes completely.  I know which scenario what I would choose.

Thanks for having me Jamie!

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